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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dock-Jumping Becoming Popular New Dog Sport

Dock-jumping is really catching on in the western United States, but what is it?

It basically is a traveling competition in which dogs run down a dock and jump as far as they can into a large pool of water while trying to catch a chew toy. (The record is more than 28 feet.)

Tony Reed, whose day job is in long-distance sales at AT&T, also runs a business called Splash Dogs. "People love watching dogs, and this really catches their attention," said Reed, who will stage the first Arizona Splash Dogs contest at this weekend's International Sportsmen's Exposition at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.

Reed's interest in the event began in northern California when he learned that his puppy, a black Lab named Sierra, loved to jump off docks.

Then he saw a dock-jumping contest on ESPN, and he has been hooked ever since.

He built his own portable dock and pool, which he trucks around the West and stages about 20 events a year.

He said he expects as many as 75 dogs to compete in the Phoenix event.

Information: SplashDogs.com.


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