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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cat saves owner in fire

By VIRGINIA GRANTIER - Bismarck Tribune

Bernice McDowall, 87, was taking a nap when Joey, her black cat, woke her up early Friday afternoon - and probably saved her life, she said.

"He was having a fit, running around the bedroom,"she said.

Joey - an abandoned cat, dumped off at a nearby mailbox awhile back who now has a home with the McDowalls - makes an occasional "meow" sound, usually. But this time he was meowing a lot and loudly.

"He really came in and sent the alarm," she said.

She said she saw smoke in the bedroom, got up and saw smoke coming from the basement.

About that time, the smoke detector started going off as well.

Both made it out OK.

And Bernice's furry hero was scheduled to get his favorite dinner, a gravy-style canned cat food. Other rewards include lots of cuddling, Bernice McDowall said. "He's a real good friend," she said. "When I sit down, he's up in my lap."

She said she's never thought of black cats as being unlucky.

And she might have some good proof of that, now.

(Reach reporter Virginia Grantier at 250-8254 or at virginia.grantier@;bismarcktribune.com.)


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