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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Matchmaker for Parrots?

United Kingdom - Dating agencies are in plentiful supply these days but a German matchmaker has a rather different clientele - lonely parrots.

Rita Ohnhaeuser brought together 100 desperate feathered clients knowing they will never split up because parrots mate for life.

Her unique lonely hearts club started off with one lost bird desperate for a mate and now she has 150 parrots on her books who are "getting acquainted".

But Rita admits even birds can't rush finding Mr or Mrs Right. She said: "We have groups of grey parrots, macaws and amazon parrots.

"The parrot comes to us, and then all one can do is to wait until they find their partner.

"Sometimes this works very quickly- love at first sight, so to speak. Sometimes it takes two to five weeks or three or four months. The right one has to be here."

Find your new parrot here


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