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Saturday, February 04, 2006

'Psychic' Animals Make Super Bowl Picks

(WCCO) Take a psychic pachyderm and an omniscient orangutan, and what do you get?

The winner of this year's Super Bowl, of course.

Inji, an orangutan from Portland, Ore., made her pick just by putting on a T-shirt.

Given the choice between a Seattle Seahawks T-shirt and a Pittsburgh Steelers tee, Inji donned the Seahawks' duds.

Inji got a vote of confidence from Rasha, an elephant in Fort Worth, Texas.

The predicting pachyderm faced a board emblazoned with each team's logo and touched Seattle's with her trunk.

Perhaps the Steelers logo just isn't animal-friendly enough.



Blogger Joe said...

THsi is really weird

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