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Monday, January 16, 2006

African Grey Spills the Beans on Cheating Woman

From correspondents in London

A TALKATIVE parrot was being blamed for the break-up of a couple's relationship after squawking the name of the woman's secret lover, British newspapers reported today.

Ziggy, an eight-year-old African grey, prompted a confession from 25-year-old call centre worker Suzy Collins that she was having a four-month fling with a former colleague when the pet blurted out: "Gary, I love you."

The bird had previously said "Hiya, Gary" when Collins' mobile phone rang and made kissing noises when the name was mentioned on radio or television but its owner, Chris Taylor, from Leeds, northern England, laughed it off.

But the computer programmer – who bought the bird as a chick and named it after singer David Bowie's alter ego, Ziggy Stardust – said the penny dropped when the couple were snuggled up on the sofa before Christmas.

"We were watching telly when Ziggy blurted out, 'I love you, Gary' in Suzy's voice. I started laughing but when I looked at Suzy, I could tell something was up. Her face was like beetroot and she started to cry," the 30-year-old said.

"I felt sick to my stomach. She told me that she'd been seeing someone she'd met at work called Gary and that she wanted to finish with me.

"She said she was going to tell me anyway but she didn't know how and couldn't find the right time. I've not idea who this Gary is. I was devastated. Suzy left that night and I've not seen her since.

"She came back to collect her stuff when I was out. I hope I never see her again."

Ms Collins told newspapers she was not proud of her actions but admitted she never liked Ziggy in the first place.

Mr Taylor – already divested of a girlfriend – has now given away Ziggy.

"I couldn't get him to stop saying that bloody name ... what else could I do?" he said.


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