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Monday, January 16, 2006

Owners Take Pets To Fortune Tellers

(WCCO) Taipei, Taiwan In Taiwan, people are taking their pets to fortune tellers to find out what is in store for their furry friends.

A group of Chinese Yi Jin believers practiced fortune-telling for pets in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday.

Dogs, cats and even rabbits attended the future-forecasting. Some people brought pictures of their dead dogs to find out if their pet was having a good life in the underworld.

Using a bamboo stick, fortune tellers tap a Chinese compass in order to tap into signals from the universe.

Yang Huei-chun, a fortune teller, claimed he could answer questions raised by pets' owners through the tapping.

The fortune-telling is part of a celebration to welcome in the Chinese New Year of the Dog. According to the lunar calendar, this year's Chinese New Year falls on Jan. 29.


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