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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Two Animals Surprise Elementary School Students

Arkansas City - An unexpected visitor Wednesday afternoon crashed into Jessica Weakley's fifth-grade classroom at Frances Willard Elementary School, interrupting a discussion on osmosis and diffusion.

The deer's arrival wasn't anything like the delicate scientific principles being discussed. The animal broke through a window scattering students from their desks.

"I wasn't paying attention," said DeShante Rollins shortly after the incident, which occurred at the end of the school day. "Then I heard a beep and heard people screaming, turned around and saw something brown; an animal."

It's a good thing the students had a fire drill that morning, Weakley said. She didn't have to tell them where to go; they headed immediately for the fire exit.

But as soon as they exited, they saw another deer. It had crashed through the window of an adjoining room used for tutoring.

"They saw another deer down in a corner by the library," Weakley said. "Then it turned and ran down the hall and through the west door."

The deer crashed through the glass door to exit, she added. Meanwhile, the deer that came through the classroom window, left through another window.

Both deer were bucks with antlers, students and school staff said. A third deer was sighted, but it apparently stayed outside.


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