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Monday, February 06, 2006

Praise for little dog who saved her owner from blaze


A TWO-YEAR OLD dog has been hailed a hero after raising the alarm when fire spread through kennels in Dalkeith.

Seven animals were killed when the blaze ripped through the Dalkeith Cattery on Lauder Road.

But owner Evelyn Smail was saved from the blaze after being awoken by her Pomeranian dog Cleo.

Staff at the cattery say that the actions of the dog saved the lives of the owner and 19 other animals.

Cleo is one of 20 showdogs owned by Ms Smail, who was awoken by the sound of the dog's barking in the early hours of yesterday morning.

As a result of the noise, she discovered the blaze, which was tearing through a new extension to the cattery and approaching her own home.

She then risked her own safety by saving five of the seven cats that were boarding at the cattery.

Firefighters told her that the blaze appeared to have been burning for some time and was within 15 minutes of spreading to the roof of her home.

Although Ms Smail was too upset to talk today, Sheila Grey, a volunteer at the cattery, said: "She was awoken when one of the show dogs started barking madly. Ms Smail got out of bed at 1.55am, thinking the dog needed to go to the toilet.

"She looked out her back window to find that the building was acutely ablaze and immediately called the fire brigade.


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