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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cat gets its head stuck in a can of dog food

Apparently, a Pensacola cat couldn't read the label, "A-L-P-O."

The cat got its head stuck in a can of dog food was rescued by two Pensacola police officers Tuesday. One of them, Harry Barraclough, was on K-9 patrol.

Officer Mike Cornett was patroling when he saw the black and white cat having trouble breathing as its head was stuck in the can, police said.

Barraclough heard the radio chatter as he patrolled nearby and offered to help. He kept his K-9 in the car but brought the protective arm-sleeve to hold the cat while the officers tried to free it.
Cornett cut some holes in the can to help the cat breathe.

"At that point, the cat had just starting coming to and was swaying from side to side with the can on its head," Barraclough said.

The cat suddenly sprang to life and escaped, running across the street into a yard, barely avoiding an oncoming vehicle.

"The cat had used two of its nine lives by then," said Barraclough, who described it as a "heat-seeking missile" as it rampaged around the yard.

Finally, the officers recaptured the kitty and used the sleeve again. This time, Cornett used the pliers to remove the can. The cat jumped up and ran away, having survived its scrape with dog food.


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