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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Real Poo-Dunnit in the United Kingdom

By Jan Disely - jan.disley@mirror.co.uk

A NEW weapon has been unveiled in the war against dog mess - DNA testing.

Poo dumped in public will be scooped up and analysed. Results will be compared to DNA taken from the doggie suspect by police.

If there is a match, they will prosecute - with fines up to £1,000.

Trials of the DNA tests are being held on an estate on the Isle of Man where "you can't walk in a straight line" for mess. WPC Faith Cooper, who patrols Clagh Vane in Ballasalla, said: "It's a massive problem. It gets caught in pram wheels and trodden into shops."

Dave Barron, the local Commissioners' clerk, added: "We don't have to sit around waiting for the dog to do its business as the DNA equipment can match the dog and the poo.

The police have asked for tip-offs to be left on the Crimestoppers line.


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