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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Orangutan Art is Big in Austria

An Austrian zoo says it has been flooded with requests for paintings created by its orangutan.

Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna said staff thought it a joke when people started calling up offering large amounts of money for Nonja's paintings.

Orangutan Art is Big in Austria

Demand for Nonja's artworks come after the sale of three pictures by a chimp at a London auction for £14,400.

Schoenbrunn Zoo had its first painting ape in the early 1950s when Johnny the chimpanzee, who died in 1992, was given a set of paints.

Orangutan Art is Big in Austria

After his death Nonja inherited his paints and carried on the good work, in spite of a boyfriend called Vladimir who eats her artwork if not locked away in his cage.

Keepers believe Vladimir, who tried painting himself but kept making holes on the canvas, is jealous of his girlfriend's success.

-Source: Ananova

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