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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Door-Knocking Bear - True Story!

Animal experts in Croatia say a bear has learned how
to trick people to let him in by knocking at the door.

They believe the 35-stone brown bear probably learned
the trick while nudging a door to get it to open.

Experts speculate the nudging was mistaken by the
owners for knocking and that the bear, pleased by the
outcome, repeated the tactic.

The Loknar family from Gerovo in western Croatia said
the bear had knocked at their door three times and
they were now refusing to answer the door.

Mum Nevenka Loknar said: "We jumped out the window as
he came in through the door and raided the kitchen the
first time.

"I opened the door and saw him standing there and I
didn't believe my eyes at first, then I ran for it as
he walked in as if it was the most normal thing in the

"Bears are a common thing in the woods around here,
but no one has ever heard of a bear that knocks at the

"The bear is so intelligent it's incredible. We've
tried to put up lots of obstacles to stop him coming
in, like a wire fence but he still gets through. I
wouldn't be surprised if he knew how to use wire

-Source: Ananova

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