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Friday, July 08, 2005

Cindy Farmer's Animal Artwork

Animal lovers are invited to view a collection of wildlife art, featuring award-winning artist Cindy Farmer. We are now featuring hundreds of Cindy's animal illustrations created from colored pencils or pen and ink.

Animal Collectible Art by Cindy Farmer Derby Horse

Although Cindy works in pastels, charcoals, acrylics, watercolors, pencil and pen & ink, her favorite medium is the rather unusual prismacolor pencil. "It offers the control and very fine detailing that I desire and my customers demand. I like the looks of disbelief when someone learns that the piece they were admiring was done in JUST colored pencils!" explains Cindy.

Animal lovers will most likely admire and appreciate Cindy's work, which includes superb illustrations of over 130 dog breeds, beautiful wildlife art, horses, cats, and more.

Choose one of Cindy's animal collectible prints, or enjoy a realistic and detailed custom portrait of your dog, cat, or other favorite subject.

Cindy's beautiful drawings are limited-edition prints and come either matted and "ready-to-frame" or may be purchased matted, framed and "ready-to-hang".

About Cindy Farmer

Cindy Farmer was born in Canton, Ohio, and began her art career in high school taking a commercial art course and doing freelance art work for teachers and friends. She won a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design. After working six years as senior artist for the Ohio Bell Telephone Company, she started doing portraits, animal collectible prints, and other freelance work at home in order to be with her 3 young boys. Over the years, Cindy has done many commissioned portraits and wildlife paintings, has taught drawing classes, and has won numerous awards.

Cindy Farmer's Animal Collectible Artwork Page


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