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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Official State and National Birds

-Alabama: Yellowhammer.
Adopted in 1927. When the Confederate Veterans in Alabama were organized they took pride in being referred to as the "Yellowhammers."
-Alaska: Ptarmigan.
Adopted in 1955. All three kinds of ptarmigan are found in Alaska.
-Arizona: Cactus Wren. Adopted in 1931. The Cactus Wren is the largest wren in Arizona, measuring 7 to 8 inches in length.
-Arkansas: Mockingbird.
Adopted in 1929. The mockingbird can imitate the song of many other birds.
-California: California Valley Quail.
Adopted in 1931. A prized game bird, known for its hardiness and adaptability.
-United States: Bald Eagle.
1782. Chosen as the national bird of the United States because it symbolized strength, courage, freedom, and immortality. The term "bald" does not mean that this bird lacks feathers. Instead, it comes from the word piebald, an old word, meaning "marked with white."

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