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Monday, July 25, 2005

Einstein, the African Grey Parrot

Einstein is only 10 years old and could live to be 65. Einstein's life expectancy is just one of the things his breeder didn't warn owner Carol Pyle about when she purchased the African gray parrot, then 10 weeks old and not yet talking, for $750.

But Einstein is loved like a member of the family, and is much more entertaining than anything on four legs could be.

He can whistle "The Addams Family" theme all the way through, even vocalizing the finger snaps, they said. Einstein obviously is also a fan of the "Andy Griffith Show."

But he only learned the first word of "God Bless America" -- calling it out over and over -- when Helen tried to teach him the anthem after 9/11.

"Carol was on a conference call one day when he started up, and she had some explaining to do," her mother said.

The women swear Einstein's remarks sometimes fit the occasion. Once when he saw birds outside the window, he hopped onto the sill and called, "C'mere." Drop a pot in the kitchen or slip on the stairs and he'll advise, "Careful!"

Not so amusingly, Einstein also mimics police sirens, the neighbor's car alarm and the back-up beeps of garbage trucks.

"He does the doorbell, the phone, the microwave," Susan said. "You can be running around like a fool."

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