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Monday, July 25, 2005

It's a dog's (and cat's) life

By DENISE FLAIM, July 25, 2005

Anthropomorphism -- what a concept. Here are just a few services and amenities for the four-leggers among us:

• Pseudo stud muffins: Some owners hesitate at altering their dog's, er, masculine silhouette. But after neutering, male dogs can retain their machismo with silicone testicular implants called Neuticles (www.neuticles.com). Depending on the size and quality of the implants, costs range from a couple of hundred dollars to $899 for ''custom sizing.''

• I'm right here: You wouldn't dump your toddler at the emergency room -- is your St. Bernard any different? The Center for Specialized Veterinary Care (www.vetspecialist.com) in Westbury, N.Y., has a ''compassionate care center'' where owners can stay overnight with their hospitalized animal. Among the private-room amenities: a workstation and cable modem hookup, telephone, sink and sleepable chair. The cost: $240 for 24 hours, plus medical costs.

• The doctor is in: Experts say veterinary care is one area that will continue to grow steadily, with owners spending the biggest chunk of their annual pet budget --$574 for dogs and $337 for cats -- on surgical vet visits. (The next-largest category, food, comes in at $241 and $185, respectively, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.)

• It's you... and you, and you: The world has already seen a spate of cloned kitties, thanks to ''chromatin transfer'' technology perfected by Genetic Savings and Clone (www.savingsandclone.com) in Sausalito. (The price tag for such copycatting: $50,000.) Dogs, with their trickier reproductive systems, have proved more elusive, but the company expects to replicate its first canine this year.

• Room with a mew: Hotel chains such as Westin and Sheraton have dedicated rooms for the 19 percent of dog owners who say they bring their pooches on the road with them. And now Petsmart is extending such creature comforts to dogs and cats themselves: The pet-supply chain recently opened a Petshotel and Doggie Day Camp in Huntington, N.Y. ''Guests'' can watch Animal Planet, slurp lactose-free ice cream and snooze on faux-lambskin cots in temperature-controlled ''suites.''

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