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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lost Dog Found After 4 Years

Australia - A four-year search for a missing dog has ended happily after the border collie-cross walked into a house a few kilometres from the Cornish kennels she had escaped from.

The owners, David and Nicola Hunt, who moved more than 500 kilometres to search for their pet, were astounded on Friday after the dog, Holly, turned up. "As soon as I saw her I knew it was Holly," Mr Hunt said. "She came up to me as if she'd been gone for a day. It was a very emotional moment."

The dog escaped from kennels in Liskeard, Cornwall, while the Hunts were on honeymoon in Asia in May 2002. At the time, the couple lived near Manchester and left the dog with Mrs Hunt's parents in Liskeard, who put it in kennels when they went away for a few days.

There were sightings of the dog after its escape but it avoided capture. The Hunts moved to Liskeard to continue the search.

On Thursday, the dog walked into a house in the town. The householders recognised it from the newspaper and called the council.


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