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Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Online Radio Station for Pets is a Hit

Yes, you can believe your ears, there's a new online radio station for pets that is having pet owners tune in from all across America even as far away as New Zealand, Tokyo, London and Australia.

DogCatRadio.com, based in Los Angeles, was launched in June of 2005 by music executive Adrian Martinez and already, the station has had over 332,000 people tune in.

"If you’re like most Americans, your pet is part of the family," says Adrian Martinez, founder of DogCatRadio.com "When it came to radio, the pet-community was a neglected demographic – so we decided to solve that problem."

The station decided to broadcast exclusively online in order to be accessible to the vast pet-community which boasts a purchasing power of 34billion each year.

“We expected just a few people to tune in, but the numbers are simply amazing," says Jane Harris, morning Disc Jockey. “We even have Veterinarians recommending us.”

In the past couple of months alone, DogCatRadio.com has been featured on CBS news, the Dallas Morning News, the Chicago Sun-times, the Arizona Republic, the San Antonio Express News, Aspen Colorado’s New West, Missouri and Kentucky’s Courier Journal. This week, DogCatRadio.com is being featured in RushPRnews Daily Gazette as they continue conquering America’s pet-community.

For more information contact Adrian Martinez (323) 646-6374 or visit: http://www.dogcatradio.com/


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