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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

World's Tallest Dog is a Great Dane Named Gibson

A 3-year-old Great Dane in Sacramento, Calif., has been named the world's tallest dog by Guinness Book of World Records.

The award-winning dog, named Gibson, stands 7 feet tall when upright, according to the report.

He was officially named the planet's tallest dog Tuesday by officials with Guinness who flew to California from England to see Gibson.

Gibson's owner, Sandy Hall, said she never dreamed Gibson would turn out to be the planet's tallest dog. She said the dog is a gift.

"I've had Danes since 1981," Hall said. "I've never seen anything like this --ever."

Gibson, world's tallest dog

Several neighbors in the county know about the record-holding dog, which dwarfs an average-sized golden retriever.

"I've seen him twice now, and he's a really tall dog," a neighbor said.

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