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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Amazon Parrot Found after Six Days

Shropshire Star, United Kingdom

Frankie went missing from his Aqueduct home and ended up in a barn on a farm in Red Hill earlier this week.

A parrot that hid out in a Telford farm for six days got into a flap when he was discovered flying through a piece of machinery.


Brandan Mills and
Karen Johnson with
their parrot Frankie

Janet Jones's son found the bird and the family looked after him, feeding him peanuts and apples, before making contact with his owners, Karen Johnson and Brandan Mills, through an advert in the Shropshire Star.

Mrs Jones said: "It was up in the trees in the yard. My son James actually caught him because he had slept in the barn and he came down the machinery that takes the bales up. He managed to capture him in a bucket and then he brought him to the house.

"We fed him up and he looked much, much better. We gave him peanuts and apples and that brought him through."

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