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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Your dog can get you a date!

London October 12, 2005, http://news.webindia123.com

If you are one of those 'losers' who just can't seem to get a date, try getting a pet, and Voila! love will bloom like never before, while you walk your pets together.

Singletons in Germany are using their pets to help them get a date after a new dating agency dubbed Date-a-Dog was set up.

Germans are now using their four-legged friends to meet a partner under the motto "a date on all fours", reports Ananova.

The online dating agency, sponsored by dog food makers Pedigree, allows dog owners to post pictures of their pet pooches alongside a description of who they are.

They can then get in touch with someone from the same area and arrange to walk their dogs together.

And for those who do not own a dog but would like to date still, the website offers dogs for rent. (ANI)

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