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Monday, October 24, 2005

Clergyman enlists animals' services

LONDON, Gulf Daily News

A clergyman is enlisting the help of furry friends to spread the gospel to his flock.

Australian-born Father Peter MacLeod-Miller, 43, regularly calls on the services of a donkey, lambs, goats and alpacas while working in Barrow, Suffolk, according to Sky News website.

He keeps two goats, three lambs, three alpacas, 30 chickens and a donkey in a paddock at his rectory - and takes the animals to church services and uses them when working in schools and making pastoral visits.

"It's something that's just developed over the four years I've been here," said Father MacLeod-Miller, whose last job was in Sydney, Australia.

"Animals are central figures in many Biblical stories. I just find they can help people relax and add interest.

"It's hard to doze off in church when there's a donkey standing in the aisle. People seem to like them."


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