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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Noah's Wish Rescues Over 400 Pets In Slidell, LA

Owners Reunited With Saved Pets As Rescuers Race To Save Hundreds More

SLIDELL, La., Sept. 5, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Noah's Wish, a not-for-profit organization that works exclusively to rescue and shelter animals in disasters, has rescued over 400 animals from evacuated homes in Slidell, Louisiana. The pets are being housed at a temporary animal shelter and Noah's Wish is working with Slidell Animal Control to save hundreds more abandoned and stranded pets in the city of Slidell.

Terri Crisp, Founder of Noah’s Wish gives water to dog rescued in Slidell.

In addition to the 400 pets rescued by Noah's Wish, seven other animal shelters in the state of Louisiana are also working around the clock to save as many animals as possible. Over 1,500 animals are being housed in shelters throughout the state. Some of these animals are strays, while others were rescued from homes. Many evacuees from New Orleans fled with their companion animals but were unable to bring them into disaster relief shelters. Those animals are being provided temporary shelter in Louisiana animal shelters.

Three abandoned dogs in Slidell, LA happily greet volunteer rescuers from Noah’s Wish.

The Slidell Animal Control building sustained extensive damage during Hurricane Katrina. Noah's Wish staff and volunteers on the ground do not have phone, cell phone or web access at this time and are unable to communicate outside the Slidell area. Noah's Wish is asking that pet owners from Slidell to come to Heritage Park to report a lost or stranded pet. Noah's Wish staff will be at Heritage Park from 8am to 7pm every day for the next several weeks. Pet owners must come in person to determine if their pet is at the shelter, as the number of pets being rescued is expected to reach the hundreds.

Noah’s Wish volunteers have been working around the clock with Slidell Animal Control to rescue hundreds of animals stranded in Slidell, LA.

This temporary shelter will have the ability to house hundreds of animals. Trained Noah's Wish volunteers, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians are providing medical services, care and much-needed love and affection to these traumatized animals. Pet owners may pick up food and supplies from Noah's Wish volunteers in Heritage Park. Donations of pet food, blankets, dog kennels etc. may be left at Heritage Park.

Kitten found in the rubble by a Noah’s Wish volunteer.

"The animals coming into the shelter are hungry, dehydrated and very scared -- but doing okay," said Terri Crisp, Founder and Director of Noah's Wish. All animals coming into the shelter will be tracked and Noah's Wish hopes to be able to reunite owners with their four-legged family members. "Pet owners are coming to Heritage Park, desperate to find out if their animals were among those saved so far," said Crisp. "The good news is that we have been able to reunite many people with their pets." Noah's Wish exists to help people as much as we do pets. Temporary shelter for pets will be offered to residents who lost their homes and are unable to keep their animals with them in shelters or hotels.

Happy to greet a Noah’s Wish volunteer.

Rescue efforts in Slidell are being supported by a network of volunteers around the country. One family from Miami, Florida, hired a driver to deliver a truckload of large tents, over 100 dog crates, chain link fencing and pre-fabricated dog runs. Noah's Wish volunteer coordinators are working to manage the trained volunteers, including veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are being sent to Slidell in stages to ensure long-term coverage for the rescue efforts, which is expected to last several weeks.

Parrot rescued from a flooded home in Slidell, LA by Noah’s Wish volunteer.

Donations are desperately needed and can be made at www.noahswish.org. Donations go directly to help the animals of this disaster and cash is preferred as it allows the organization to purchase the supplies needed. Questions should be emailed to info@noahswish.org or a message can be left at 530-622-9313.

WWW.NOAHSWISH.ORG (Visa, MasterCard, Paypal gratefully accepted)

Noah's Wish is a 501 c3 not-for-profit organization based in Placerville, California (near Sacramento). Donations may be mailed to Noah's Wish P.O. Box 997 Placerville, CA 95667

All public inquiries/requests for assistance should be directed to info@noahswish.org or call 530-622-9313

CONTACT: Noah's Wish
NYC Media Contact for Reporters:
Patricia Jones

Slidell Animal Control Officer and Noah’s Wish volunteer veterinary technician care for a dog pulled from under a collapsed house in Slidell, LA. The dog was found by two Slidell residents who spent nearly an hour digging through rubble to get to the dog and brought him to the temporary shelter in Slidell.


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