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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Smart Parrots

A woman who had a parrot, trained it to give instructions to the salesmen that came to her house very often. One day the coalman came to make a delivery. “Ten sacks, please,” said the parrot. “You are a clever bird being able to talk,” said the coalman as he finished the delivery. “Yes,” replied the parrot, “and I can count too. Bring the other sack.”

Another woman, after continuous effort, managed to train her parrot to say the following words: “I am Suzie. Come let’s have some fun.” To any guest who stepped in, the parrot would faithfully greet with those words. One day, while visiting the local church, the woman met her collegemate and both got into the conversation on pets. He said: “I too have a clever parrot who recites prayers and knows much about the Bible.”

Finally, both thought that if their pets were brought together, they would learn more from each other. They agreed. When the two pets confronted, the gentleman’s parrot, in response to its companion’s greeting, uttered: “At last, my prayers have been answered.”


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