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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lost African Grey Parrots Reunited with Wrong Owners

September 3, 2005 21:17

Two parrot owners, whose birds had escaped, were reunited - but with the wrong birds.

Caryl Crouch and Diane Heasley have now been reunited with their feathered friends today after a series of bizarre coincidences.

They both lost their African Grey parrots earlier this week and put out radio appeals to find their beloved pets.

Miss Crouch's parrot, Mildred, fled her Ipswich home on Wednesday while Mrs Heasley's bird, Sam, disappeared from Claydon on Sunday.

In a strange twist of fate both women ended up with each other's birds after a man discovered one of the pets in Burstall.

He had heard Miss Crouch's appeal and called her to collect the parrot.

She said: “From everything he said I thought it was my parrot. It was biting him and I thought it was Mildred because she doesn't like men.

“I thought the only thing I could do was take it home to see if I could settle it.”

However, superstitious Miss Crouch, 47, began to suspect that it was the wrong parrot when she saw two birds flew into her window and thought it was an omen.

Miss Crouch added: “I saw two birds swoop down and hit the patio windows and I didn't like that because I am superstitious. One was a bird of prey or something and the other, it was chasing, was a baby dove.

“My mum said it meant Mildred had been found somewhere else but I said she was just trying to make me feel better.”

Five minutes later Miss Crouch had a telephone call telling her another parrot had been found - possibly Mildred.

She had been found by Mrs Heasley, who was visiting her mother - who also lives in Wherstead Road.

Mrs Heasley had driven down the road and saw a group of boys, one with a parrot on his shoulder.

She went back to look for the boys and they helped her find the parrot.

Mrs Heasley then took the parrot to her home in Paper Mill Lane, Claydon and contacted Miss Crouch's friend to let her know the bird had been found.

Miss Crouch added: “I got her five years ago and she got out then and a neighbour found her down the road.

“To think miracles can happen twice. I never thought I would get her back again. It is like winning the lottery.”

Miss Crouch and Mrs Heasley have now presented a reward to the group of boys who found Mildred.

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