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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dog Imitates Siren, Saves Property

By Dave Donaghy, AAP
July 27, 2005 - The Daily Telegraph, Australia

A CATTLE dog that has developed a habit of imitating fire engine sirens alerted his owner to a potentially devastating blaze in a Brisbane suburb early today.

Michael Trembath, who works for the RSPCA, said Patchie started making siren noises after a firebug set alight a banana plant near a stand of palms that abut his property.

The howling woke Mr Trembath, who raced outside in his pyjamas and doused the fire with a garden hose before it could spread to his home at Logan in southern Brisbane.

He said the blaze could have easily engulfed the house he shares with his partner, his mother and his three children.

"It had only just started when my dog alerted us," Mr Trembath said.

"He got out and he howled and he howled and he howled until we came out."

Mr Trembath said the one-year old hero only started imitating emergency vehicles a month ago.

"We have a lot of emergency vehicles around our area for some reason," he said.


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