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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Children's Songs Calm Rescued Parrot

By Alex Lewis

A parrot has been transformed from an aggressive monster to a docile and friendly pet with the help of recorded songs using her name - Lucy.

When the blue and gold macaw was rescued from an unsuitable home by Annie Simmons, a 52-year-old disabled Harpenden woman, three years ago, she was almost impossible to live with.

Annie said: "She had had a lot of traumas and was absolutely evil.

"She has 700 pounds of force per square inch in her beak, which can take your finger off with one snip.

"Now she is cuddly, tame and my best friend.

"She can talk whole sentences, sing and dance."

Lucy's apparently magical change of personality stems from a tape of children's songs which Annie bought a year ago.

Every morning, she break-dances merrily as she hears: "Get up Lucy it's morning, start of a brand new day."

In the evening she drops off to the strains of a lullaby, quietly repeating: "Night Night, Lucy."

She gets on well with Annie's two dogs, both rescued from unsuitable homes, and enjoys strolling round the north Harpenden garden and using the washing line as a trapeze.

Annie, a life-long animal lover who needs crutches after breaking her back when rescuing a large dog, said: "She has given me a new lease of life.

"A few years ago, I was in so much pain and I was really poorly.

"When Lucy started to become my friend, I has something to look forward to.

"We can't be separated."

The tape which cured Lucy, also available on CD, was produced by Silver Balloon and can be ordered at www.silverballoon.com


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