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Friday, July 28, 2006

Pets Don't Have to Stay Inside to Stay Cool

Alison Struve

A stretch of hot weather really takes its toll, so we have to take care of ourselves and keep an eye on our furry friends as well. But that doesn't mean you have to keep them cooped up inside an air conditioned house.

This stifling heat won't stop some tails from wagging, but veterinarians still see those pets that get a little light on their paws.

"You always do," says Dr. Karla Sathre, Associate Veterinarian at Wausau Animal Hospital. "Actually, with any being when it gets hot."

Dr. Sathre says staying cool is pretty simple.

"Water's the biggest one, making sure there's always plenty of water available and some kind of shelter."

If you have a pretty rambunctious dog, you don't have to keep him inside just as long as you're careful."

"I've seen a lot more heat stroke problems with the bigger, high-energy dogs because they don't know enough to stop," Dr. Sathre says. "So we, as their owners, have to take responsibility and make sure that they're not doing more than they should."

If you see your dog slowing down or panting a lot, it's time to take a break, especially in the midday heat.

"That's when you don't want to be doing your walks or exercising. You want to do early morning or late evening, that type of thing."

And when it's time for a ride, leave your pooch at home if you have to park your car.

"Even if you crack the windows. I mean, that makes it get to maybe 130 instead of 150," Dr. Sathre says. "Still not good."

Dr. Sathre says keeping your pets cool comes down to common sense so tails will have plenty to wag about. If you don't have a dog, Dr. Sathre says any pet can be stressed by the heat, so keep them out of the direct sun as well.


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