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Friday, November 25, 2005

Parrot Calls Out Husband's Mistress' Name

Ayinde O. Chase - All Headline News Staff Writer

Freiburg, Germany (AHN) - A cheating husband was exposed after his wife's parrot imitated him calling out another woman’s name.

Frank Ficker, 50 was having an affair with a woman named Uta. His romantic trysts were observed and apparently “recorded” by the family’s pet parrot, Hugo.

Petra Ficker, 50, says, "Hugo always liked to mimic Frank and he could do his voice perfectly.” The parrot could “do” Frank asking who’s at the door, yelling at the nephews, however one day Petra heard Hugo “doing” something she never heard Frank “do”.

“I heard him doing Frank's voice, but saying ‘Uta, Uta’,” says Petra.

Petra turned the house upside down and found two plane tickets for a weekend break in Paris booked for her husband - and a mystery woman named Uta.

"I kicked him straight out. It's just me and my parrot now, " says Petra.


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