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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woman Has 52 Pet Pigs


Lexington County, South Carolina - Sue Allen can't get enough pet pigs. She's got more than 50, and she knows each by name.

Gordy and Betty are the two hefty hogs in a field of 52. Not to mention a few dogs, ducks, horses, and turkeys.

Sue Allen's got a story behind every animal that's found its way into her care. But she really squeals for the pigs. And yes, she knows each by name.

"We got Cassie, and we got Otis, and we got Cinderella. And we got Seely and we got Beaufort, and we got Wiggles."

Eight-hundred-pound Gordy and most of the pot-bellied pigs were, at one time, pet pigletts. People brought them to Sue when they got too big to handle. The rest are rescues, like Betty, who fell off a truck on the way to becoming pork product, and right into the lap of luxury.

"And I got her thinking she'd be a good friend for Gordy, since everybody else here is so small. But he really didn't have anything to do with her so she took up with that little fat pig over there. That's her boyfriend."

There's even a Hurricane Katrina evacuee in the group.

"Rosie the refugee came up from New Orleans."

It's hard to believe all this, started with a birthday present 10 years ago. And it didn't stop.

"Somebody would call and say could you take this one and it's like, what's one more, and what's one more, and what's one more!"

This is, as she calls it, a different relationship. But she says these guys, which most of us consider either wild animals or good on a biscuit, are her babies. They are her family.

"This is what makes me happy. There are a lot of people trying to find something that makes that makes them happy in the world, and they ain't never finding it. And I found mine. Right here, this is all I need."

Sue is in the process of building winter shelters for all the pigs. If you'd like to help out in any way, give her a call at 803-530-5517, or email her at wepigsfarm@isp.com.

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