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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Now you can trade places with the zoo animals

Zagreb - A Croatian zoo is offering visitors "the complete animal experience" by locking them up in cages.

The move is to allow visitors to empathise with the animals by viewing the world from inside a cage.

The head of Zagreb Zoo, Mladen Anic, said: "We have set two cages aside for Homo Sapiens so people can experience how an animal perceives their cage."

But the project also has an environmental message with one ecologically themed cage using environmentally friendly furnishings and the other demonstrating the worst of man's disregard for nature - complete with a note above a mirror reading: "The most dangerous beast on the planet."

"We wanted to inform people about the ecological problems for which humans are responsible," Mr Anic said.

"I hope this will make people think about the fate of ourselves and our planet." - Ananova.com


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