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Monday, September 12, 2005

Man Reunited With Pets After Fleeing Katrina

David Webster now feels safe living with family in the St. Louis area after his failed attempt to ride out the wrath of Katrina.

Last week he was among those finally forced to evacuate, but the helicopter couldn't take his two dogs and cat. He had to leave them behind in a back room with a month's supply of food and water. A lot of people lost their animals or set them loose.

"Just let them loose, that's like condemning them to death," says Webster.

After one agonizing week, Webster's pets were rescued and taken to a fairgrounds turned shelter where thousands of dogs are waiting to be reunited with their owners.

Webster's prayers were answered Saturday when he drove back to Louisiana and found Tazz, Troubles, and Creech after hours of searching crate after crate.

The pets are now getting the once over by Dr. Pullen at the Barrett Station Vet Clinic to see how they weathered the storm

The biggest concern is with Creech, who was completely submerged in the filthy floodwater not once, but twice.

All three are expected to recover physically. The emotional healing, as with their best friend, could take much longer, but at least now they have each other.

Webster says he can't wait to return to what's left of his home in New Orleans, but he stresses he'll never leave his pets behind again.


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