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Monday, September 26, 2005

Divorced Couples Would Rather Take The Dog Than The House

According to research released today, animal loving Brits admit they're
more likely to argue over the custody of a much-loved dog during a
relationship breakdown than the ownership of the house.

The study of more than 2,000 adults, conducted by Norwich Union,
revealed that seven in ten of us would choose our dog over ownership
of the house in the event of leaving our partner.

With the number of divorces on the increase - rising from 166,737
divorces in 2003, to 167,116 in 2004, Norwich Union would suggest
the owners of the 15 million pets in the UK think about the future
provisions of their pets by considering creating a "pet-nuptial"

Over a quarter of respondents said they would sign a "pet-nuptial" to
outline the roles and responsibilities of pet ownership and prevent the
potential heartache involved during an acrimonious split. Making
custody decisions puts extra strain on parting couples demanding
visiting rights, with over half (52%) willing to spend time with an
estranged ex purely to visit a beloved pet.

And it's not just the couple who can be affected. Paul Fowle at Norwich
Union explains: "When a relationship breaks down it can be a difficult
time for everyone concerned - and this includes the family pet. If you
find your pet is pining it may be because they are missing one of their
owners. Your vet may recommend a consultation with an animal
behavioural specialist. Check if, like ours, your insurance will cover
this treatment."


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