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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Amazing Facts About Animals

-A beaver can hold it's breath for 45 minutes.

-A 70 pound octopus can squeeze through a hole the size of a silver dollar because it has no backbone.

-The longest recorded life span of a tapeworm was 35 years!

-A male Angler fish attaches itself to a female and never lets go. Their vascular systems unite and the male becomes entirely dependent on the female's blood for nutrition.

-A shark can grow a new set of teeth in one week!

-Penguins can jump nearly six feet into the air.

-An African ostrich egg weighs nearly 30 pounds and is so strong that a
200 pound man can stand on it without breaking it!

-There are more sheep in New Zealand than people.

-The elephant is the only animal that has four knees!

-An elephant's trunk can hold up to one and a half gallons of liquid!

-A kangaroo is only one inch long when it is born!


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