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Saturday, August 13, 2005

12-Year-Old Girl Finds Cat 3 Months Later

Record-Eagle staff writer

TRAVERSE CITY (Michigan)- Linda Lawshe knew it was a long shot when she placed a classified ad seeking to reunite a wayward cat with its owner.

"It was a phenomenal find," she said. "I had no thought that after that long anybody would call."

The black cat - Lawshe dubbed it Black Velvet - visited her yard for more than a month and she initially thought he belonged to a neighbor. She started setting out food for the stray feline, and Monday, when she found him curled up on her welcome mat, came close to adopting him.

But she decided to place a classified ad in the Record-Eagle, just in case.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old Kalkaska resident Rachel Strothers spent three months pining for her cat Smokey. On Tuesday, she spotted the ad on the first day it ran.

Rachel prodded her grandmother, Kathy Latierre, to call and find out more. But even Smokey's owners were surprised when Lawshe e-mailed them photos of their 4-year-old pet as living proof.

Even more surprising was how far Smokey had wandered - Lawshe's home is in the Holiday Hills area of Traverse City, roughly 32 miles away from the cat's starting spot.

"I was terribly surprised," Latierre said, calling Rachel's spotting of the ad a happy coincidence. "She goes through the paper every day and something told her to go to lost and found. It's a wonderful miracle that happened."

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